Google adsense disappeared from Google Analytics

I found in mya Google Analytics, that my adsense analitycs disappeared, i don’t know what heppened. I search in google and i found this solution.

if you connect your adsense account with your GA account you’ll see like this. But suddenly it disappeared from my account

Google Adsense disappeared from the Google Analytics menu

However when I went to see which post I should be promoting that day, suddenly the Adsense option had disappeared! And I couldn’t find it anywhere.

The solution to the problem!

I search in my history browser’s and I still found it, and after a day I found it. I understood what heppened.

google gave it different name


It’s still there but now it named “Publisher”

May be there are more blogger struggle about this and now i wanna share this solution

Google adsense disappeared from Google Analytics
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